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"A poets damaged soul, his ever broken heart, is his most prized possesion and his greates enemy leading to his darkest demise."

______Ravenloft Coven_______
My home. The place where my heart lies and my friends rest. I would defend with my blood and life. Today, tomorrow and all days to come. For the King I give my soul to protect and serve. Some bounds never break, you will always be a friend in my eyes.

"A poets damaged soul, his ever broken heart, is his most prized possesion and his greates enemy leading to his darkest demise."

My Interests
My little angel

Big brown eyes look up at me
framed by soft silken curls
Lips curled in a warm smile
Eyes sparkle

Then she calls my name
her voice high with excitement and anticipation
She runs towards me
as fast as she can

I reach out to her
as she falls into my arms,
caressing her hair, holding her tight
I lift her up as high as I can

Her laugh sounds like the purest crystal
Her innocence white as snow
Her love unconditional
never-ending, warm as the sun

Then this magical moment is broken
She turns in my arms
as her daddy calls to her
and says its time to go

Goodbye sweet little angel

“I have lived with others more powerful than I for centuries. If you are not careful, their beauty will become both heaven and hell, you will betray every oath, abandon every loyalty, give up your heart, your mind, your body, and your immortal soul to have them near you but one more night. Then one cold night, a hundred years after the passion is spent, and nothing but ashes remain, you look up and see someone gazing at you, and you know that look, you’ve seen it before. A hundred years later and someone gazes upon you as if you were heaven itself, but you know in your heart of hearts that it’s not heaven you’re offering them, it’s hell.�

A quote by the vampire Requiem, a poet so very depressing


“She’s beautiful�, the young woman sighed.
“Yes she is�
“I can understand that you like her�
“That’s only lust. The feelings I have for you run so much deeper then that�. He softly ran his fingers though her hair.
“But you want her� her voice was filled with pain and despair.
He lifted her chin and forced her to look into his eyes “Her personality sucks and her looks will fade with the passing of years. But you…" he came closer and stared deep into her soul, “…you will always be truly beautiful. You are my love�.

Falling Leaves *

Think of your lifetime as one day
It's fading away
The shadows are growing long
Think of existence as a flame and death as rain
Storm clouds - they ride along

At life's eve our flames will cease
Eternally, unavoidably
Eventually all paths will lead
To the cemetery

We are but falling leaves in the air hovering down
On our way we are spinning around
Scattered fragments of time
Like beams of the light we are
That's all we are

Think of your lifetime as one year
Look autumn is here
Getting colder, the winter's impending
Your conclusion's drawing near-certain, austere
Yet is only the circles unending

At life's eve our flames will cease
Eternally, unavoidably
Eventually, all paths will lead to the cemetery
To the prior deceased

We are but falling leaves in the air hovering down
On our way we will hit the ground
Scattered fragments of time
Like beams of the light we are

Just when we realize that we are alive, we die

* S. Lopakka

Serene Cocoon

Spring, summer or a beautiful autumn day...
Walking hand in hand, strolling though the park or maybe the woods
The sun warming the earth, your smile warming my heart
Smiling faces, laughter, a soft breeze
Dancing to soft sweet music, an old classic
A picknick by the lake, simple but tasty food
Some wine maybe and then chocolate cake for dessert
Watching the sky and the clouds pass by laying on our backs
A wonderful day, filled with fun and good times
But mostly….

D'amore, d'amour

Per voi, amore della mia vita.
Prendete il mio alito.
Mi annego nei vostri occhi.
La vostra rottura di bellezza il mio cuore.
Il mio amore appartiene a voi.
Sogno di voi, ogni sera

Voor jou, liefde van mijn leven.
Je neemt mijn adem.
Ik verdrink me in je ogen.
Jouw schoonheid breekt mijn hart.
Mijn liefde behoort aan jou.
Ik droom van je, iedere avond.

Pour vous, l’amour de ma vie
Vous prenez mon haleine
Je me noie dans vos yeux
Votre beauté brise mon coeur
Mon amour appartient vous
Je rêve de vous, chaque soirée

For you, love of my life.
You take my breath away
I drown myself in your eyes
Your beauty break my heart
My love belong to you
I dream of you, every night

"I'm not furry I shave sometimes -wink-", Cc aka great granny lol, FLD, Finland, MARK, creating, deriving new products & requests, honesty, maturity, men/women, mera, my (rl) family & friends zach
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