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â来 Tia ~ Warmâ来 *MH*Tia*NB* ~ Warmâ来 CHIC ~ Black Shortsâ来 CHIC ~ Denim Shortsâ来 CHIC ~ Paisley Dressâ来 CHIC ~ Spring Dress
Developer since Oct 2006
Real Name: Serena
Age: 22
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Pokemon Is my everything 笳
笳 I love Anime, Some of my favourites include, Pokemon Naruto, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Butler, Bleach, Blue Exorcist and heaps more! Fairy Tail is my favourite at the moment 笳
笳 I have 2 cats named Roxy & Rosie They are sisters.
笳 I love IMVU 笳
笳 I enjoy sketching or doodling little drawings Especially at work
笳 I love pixel stickers! 笳
笳 White Chocolate = :D 笳
笳 Limegreen & Aqua are my favourite colours 笳
笳 Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, Will & Grace, Family Guy,
Stargate SG1, American Dad, My Wife & Kids, Simpsons 笳
笳 Favourite movie of ALL TIME is White Chicks 笳
笳 I'm very creative 笳
笳 Still no matter what.. I sticker the crap outta my page! XD 笳

Love this
chika! 笙。

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