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I became a developer in January 06 and since then I am learning how to improve my skills and do my best in every field of IMVU designs.
Below you will find my latest products submitted to the catalog. I am trying to put big clear pictures in each od my products descriptions, because I know how important it was for me as a customer to see as much of the item as possible, before I buy it, and frankly I hardly bought anything what did not have a big pic presentation. If you have a questions about my products or if you have any special needs do not hesitate to ask me here or PM me, I will be more than happy to design something for you. If you purchased my products, please be kind and leave me the review on the catalog page. Reviews really help us to improve and they count toward tier levels. Thank you very much! Enjoy my creations.
Vv BikerBitch SexyOutfitVv BikerBitch HeadbandVv Springbreak HideoutVv Valentine Avi FrameVv Valentine Vixen FlameVv Valentine Vixen Pink
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MY WISHLIST JUST REACHED OVER 500 items LOL!!!....Some day I will have all those pretty things from the list,This wishlist is just the collection of my bookmarks from the catalog, I put here all those things to buy it later, when I got enough credits.I wish they would redesign wish list to the form where we can put things in categories...the way it is now makes just one huge mess, and I have to waste a lots of time to find something I remember I bookmarked before.
*W* Arela Gold Heels( studded fishnets v.1 )Curly Updo Black ♥Tatiana -Braids Red! ESME PinkWhiteGown
! Tera Denim Beige Shoes[Anry] Celise BlondK|LyrbleWhiteFurPuffsK|GlitterBowLegFurLyrblePirate top
[Anry] Mika Belt Gold[Anry] Elois Root[Anry] Elois Red[Anry] Prema Hell[Anry] Cute Bunny Bag 4
⚓ Black Kitty Animated-J- Toni rustSilver Chains Bare FeetCari Bare Feet ChainsҞ|Adalyn Black
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