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Avatar since: 2005-07-23
Age: 35
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"Whatever you do, do it with all your might.."

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IMVU news: I wont do any new products before I learned to do more own creations. Of course, If I figure out how the copyrights and such work out I might still do some fan stuff.. as I love them. But mainly wanna do my own. So... will get help from a expert.

So okay, my real life is.. hmm.. well lets say.. Im moody! I can get kind of upset for small things, but, dont worry about me being angry with you, I am most likely not.. Rarely angry. Maybe with myself.
We have just bought ourself (my family) a puppy, she is adorable and I cant wait for hger to grow up and act more like the strong dog I am used to walk. Dont get me wrong, I love puppies :o)

Chat Habbits: and other than that, I love to talk, I talk alot, I even scare people with alot of talk.. dare to try me? *wink wink* nah come on..! I was only kidding.. *mutters to myself*. But keep in mind, some previous, sad events, in my life can make me somewhat moody!

Lately I been busy alot, so havent had time with my real roleplaying pets and dont feel it would be fair to go to the forum and start rp to then just disapear all the sudden cause lack of time to sit there... soo.. if anyone feel like doing some imvu rp, light or so, feel free to write or im me, 'kay? Below you see some of my characters, active and not.

Just Plain Me


So, as I own like maybe 2 maid outfits I just wanted, and needed to start a maids rp. A rich girl, trying to live on her own realizes she cant really work with anything and ends up cleaning this young couples house... and nothing seems to go her way.. or maybe too much in her direction ~tehe~ She is shy, so her dreams of becoming a clothes or design model seems far off.


So I wanted to try something more original, that wasnt named Vicky. So here is Jenna. A mutant, I do love the x-men stories so yea ^^; well she have not had any use yet but I love her looks so might use them as plain me pretty often ^.~

Interests: I love making homepages and mess around with different art types. One thing Im into is pixelation...
if there is one thing I cant live without, then that would be music.. not bf, friends, family, but music... it touches me deep in my solid heart ^.~
other than that, I enjoy playing rp games, rp on forums, long walks, anime, disney and comedy movies.. also reading, if my eyes alowes me<3

Relationship Status: Seeing Someone
Looking For: Friendship
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Yes, here you can see my recent visitors... hey i actually get visitors, arent that an surprise? o__o
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Feel free to contact me at any time, I love random messages <3
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