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Hi, I'm Leith. You can call me by any avatar names I use as well. I'm a nonbinary transgender person. My pronouns are they/them/theirs. I am disabled; dealing with mental illness, chronic illness, and fatigue, I am usually very tired, so I tend to keep to myself from sheer exhaustion. I'm not always online or able to check messages because of this as well, so please allow me time to respond. I've been on IMVU since 2008, though, so I do like to try to hang around when I'm feeling up to it. I prefer public rooms to private chats.

Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Looking For: Other
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The only accounts any of my textures should appear on are Twila, Emmelyne, Chibiful, and KanameMadoka.

β€’ Please message me if you have an issue with a product. I will provide help if possible.
β€’ Please make sure that your messages are not set to "friends only" or "nobody." I cannot help you if I cannot message you!
β€’ Reviews make developers happy! If you like our products, tell us! We really appreciate it, and it motivates us to keep creating for the community - that means you!

My banner changes occasionally. Feel free to swing by my page every once in a while to check it out.

Here's an old tutorial on how to make hair textures.

☾ Zafira Ysl☾ Ivory Ysl☾ Faeblood Harley☾ Yui☾ Onyx Goho☾ Rosa
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Please don't take it personally if I don't accept your friend request, I promise it's not your fault, I'm just kind of a hermit on here these days.
My Videos
In no order:

Pop | Cappy | Prota | Ramen | ribbonhime | AliceHimeChan | Shizuka | NekoHime | Ainiwafflez | Kiti | Vim | Ryliene | Gaia | Minou | Mikeinel | LisuKitty | Pharmacist | MolotovCupcake | MAYTEVAL | Butters | lllOnigiri | Puppy | Furby | Gingeebread | CandyApple | PoisonApple | NekoKatsura | Crypto | Saffire | Koze | Rainb0w | Dartvot | Fudgestix | Scarling | Jinx | KissesOfPain | noctilucae | Slice | Lollirot | Ange | Flonne |YukiNiji | Zuuths | Michikko | nikka | CorpseDolly | CorpsePuppet | Rae | ShiroLoliChan | AppleDolls | cedarbox | Sappy | Costuma | AngelliqueDarosSpino | Bunbun | yanians | Theory | Esme | Dollfie | OhMotherOfPearl | Joanxz | AssassinKitty | Cindyy | Anarch | Zephyr | Lumina | Elixir | Desdemona | Capsule | Tentacles | kloudust | CannibalFlesh | Biomech | Liara | Vorvolaka

. . . and many others!
More to come! Always!!

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We appreciate all you do to support us!

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Feel free to browse some of my recent outfits. I always try to include the "products in scene" in all my product descriptions, so check them out if you're looking for something I'm wearing in icons and displays. If you can't find it there, then it's probably hidden in the catalogue.
My Wish List
金. Zombie Skin金. Natsya Skin金. Lia Skin金. Onna Skin金. Broken Doll Skin
金. Doll Skin金. Bloody Onna Skin金. Kumiko Skin金. Ichigo Skin金. Miyu Skin
. hunted | one. spirited. velour | 010. EstΓ©e | C10. Lottie - east | igari
. Alena - iconic. Alena - dark pulse. Sade - essentials. II.II. simple + cute V
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Visit my page as often as you like. Please take some time to check out my Developer Support panel. It's filled with many great developers, who create many different products and styles. Some have been around for a long time, some are just starting out. I'm sure they'd appreciate it either way. Thanks.
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Twila has no special someone.
My girlfriend doesn't really use IMVU, but we live together and I love her very much. β™‘

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