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Love one another, all life matters
Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Friendship
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I HAVE 8 BADGES AND MY HUSBAND HAS 1::FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS TO RECEIVE THE BADGES. IF DIRECTIONS ARE NOT FOLLOWED THE BADGE WILL NOT BE GRANTED. NO EXCEPTIONS:::::: HEAVENLY PEACE Photobucket TO GET THIS BADGE:: you must buy 1 or more of my products, leave a good review and message me about it. Other ways to get it:: Is to give me a gift from my wishlist or purchase one of my Support Stickers & leave a 5 Flaming Jalapino review & send me a message about it. This badge is also for trade for yours. MAKE A WISH Photobucket This badge is called Make a Wish. How to Obtain: Buy the matching sticker, leave a 5 Flaming Jalapeno Review and message me about it, receive the badge. Another way to get this badge is to trade yours for mine or send me 3000 credits to purchase it and leave me a message so I know you did this. Asking for the badge. OFF THE WALL Photobucket Group Badge::: How to Obtain: Join and stay active as much as you can in my group. Request the badge in the message thread "Request Group Badge Here." You must be a member of the group to receive and keep this badge. This is for members only. {Not for trade, gift or sale} The name of the group is: OFF THE WALL PRODUCTIONS KC'S Furry Group:  photo Snap_96915019650dfd217cf1e6_zpsfeddd197.jpg How to Obtain:: Join and stay active as much as you can in my group. Request the badge in the message thread "Request Group Badge Here. Or you can buy the matching sticker, leave a 5 Flaming Jalapino review and receive the badge. The name of the group is: KC'S Furry Group. DRAGON HEART::  photo free_dragon_heart_avi_by_housefan001-d4ocqpi2_zps8dd0b2be.gif This badge is for the Dragon Heart family. This was made in Honor of KingDragonHeart101. Who is my Husband in RL and IMVU. This badge is for the family only. To get this Badge you must know the Secret Password. This badge can also be purchased for 15,000 credits. Not for Trade. LOVE AND PEACE Photobucket This badge belongs to my husband. TO GET HIS BADGE::You must purchase 1 or more of his products and leave a 5 Flaming Jalapeno review, then message me about it or buy him something from his Wishlist or send him 3000 credits and a message me requesting his badge ......[NOT FOR TRADE]:::::::::::::He isn't on enough to get messages so I do this for him. Thank you PAGEANT MOM  photo badge_084bca4b7ee58b26418a99b4022c2811_zpsrcxnlmt1.gif I am a proud Pageant Mom of a special Little Girl named Aurora. To receive this badge it costs 1,000 credit. No Gifts or No Trades. If you want this badge send me 1,000 credits and message me about it and I will send it to you after I verify that the payment was made.
Get this badge Little Ladybug
Get this badge Kitten Kisses
My Sandbox
If you are coming to my page or to chat with me to beg for credits or gifts I will report you! If you are here to harass or otherwise try to intimidate me, I will report you!
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