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Avatar since: 2005-12-08
Age: 39
United Kingdom
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Message from the Mastermind...

And I pose unto you all just one simple, easy question: "Why is it that people insist on sticking three, five and in one case eight different video feeds on their web site? What are you trying to prove, by having eight videos running at once? That you have ADD? That you can't remember that you've already put seven on your site already? What's wrong with you?!"

Okay, so that was more than one question. Bite me.

Self-Appreciating Drivel

My stickers are arranged all nice and neat as part of the layout. However, if you're looking at this page with different font size settings, everything will look off. Back up at the top of the page is my name in grey letters. If the tiny bouncing bunny isn't directly on top of the last 'e,' then I suggest adjusting your font until it is. Things will look much nicer that way!

Also, I do not give gifts to beggers. Come on, people - buy your own credits, or earn them honestly. I feel I give away a decent amount, sort of. I give stuff to visitors that I think are interesting, cool, nice, funny...whatever. I don't just give them to everyone who visits, and I do not give them to beggers. Stop begging. You will get nothing from me until you do. Sure, I know that you might just say something witty in the hopes that I'll get you something - and yeah, it'll probably work. But you just straight up ask? Yeah, you're getting nothing.

Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship

Well, I'm not much of a
blogger, but when I get the
urge I generally do it on my
deviantART page.


Stop by to check out some
of my lame excuses for art. ^_^;
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My Wish List

Kind friends have fulfilled all of my wishes! ^_^ Hooray friends! Thank you all so much!

Thanks to LiciLee for my Ezekial kitty!
Thanks to Chibeh for my belly ring!
Thanks to Gustina for my bitty bat!
Thanks to HerrOberschmidt for my tail!
Thanks to WaltzingMouse for my turtle!
Thanks to Ryukai for my long nails!
Thanks to Mystaia for my pretty skin!
Thanks to Bloodlust for my lil' kiss!
Thanks to Nekronaut for my baby dragon!

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Yes, I am rank. *sniff-sniff* Phew!

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visitors Visitors 589
kharma Gifts 40
generosity Generosity 111

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I only bite when asked nicely!
(or paid well...)

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