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Been away a long time; coming back to the old haunts.
Lord Tar-Elendimir

Avatar since: 31 Jul 1207

Age: 158 Elven Years
Country: Canada
Last log on: 22 Aug 2314
My Interests
fantasy, dragons, Elves, canada, flying, elf, harrypotter, lordoftherings, sagittarius, lotr, adventure, narnia, Tolkien, hobbit, rivendell, Lothlorien

It appears that due to new Digital Rights Copyright Management rules, my olde playlist (which originated in the USA) cannot play here. :(
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"Elves wish, they don't beg. The items that used to be here were merely things that captured my interest. But... this space is mostly empty because my WONDERFUL friends bought me everything that I wished for! "Now, wouldn't it be nice if real life were like that? :)
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