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Snow Queen Bundle
::Hexagon Studios Bundle - Uniquely versatile::
::One Enchanted Evening::
::Hotel d'Art - one of a kind experience::

: All my derivable meshes :

imvuDERIVABLES.com - 

your source 
for derivable IMVU meshes






Built-in opacity:


Hair and things:


Add-a-Bow Accessories:

Studded Accessories:

Derivable AP bra and panty:
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Sheer Demi Bra Red
Sheer Thong Red
Sheer Demi Bra Black
Sheer Thong Black

Furnishing and Decor:

Food Items:

Sheer FireSheer EmbersSheer IceSheer WaterSheer ForestGrecian UpDo Red
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