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Special Someone
You are my one true love.
My sweet knight who has helped me find my way from the darkness.
He has taught me to love and how to be loved in return.

You are my everything.
I love you Eddie Allsbrook!
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My Wish List
D-RbHtI~Goth Kitten~CJ69 Milkyway PS 1[Doll] emo Ladies954 Vicky - Silver/Onyx
Pink and Silver Candy[n77] Model Head[8O8] PuRFECTIONI'm an Avatard[n77] Desy BloodyFire
S954 Silver Urn GroupingDOC Princess Nightmare[m] Blaq Hikaruspacerspacer
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Flick of da footAcid Drop StickerHorton Welcome StickerPhotographer StickerSt. Patricks Day StickerIMVU Model

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