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Avatar since: 2005-09-22
Age: 39
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"howdy people, feel free to send me a msg"

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I'm a pretty average guy who loves his music, I love all forms of rock music I also like to listen to classical and some soul. i'm easy to get along with. I enjoy soprts like, swimming, Golf, Football (soccer). I love goin to the movies. I enjoy hanging out with friends. ..........................................I tend to leave my pc on when I am doing other things around the house, so if you try to IM me and don't get a response I could be busy elsewhere. Just try again later and you might catch me. One of best experiences for me has to be going to Costa Rica, such a beautiful country with so many beautiful plants and animals ( I also love nature programs. I'm an animal planet fan). I do have MSN, Yahoo and AIM for those of you who keep asking
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I only give gifts to people I know and have talked to before. If you are just gonna message me asking for credits. Then Don't
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