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Special Someone
SparklinJenn has no special someone.
Wiifeyness =]] ;

_ My Wifey & Bestfriiend. x]
ii have to say that this is one of the trustworthy females i KNOW .
We practically grew up with eachother .. as if we was sisters .
shes always there for me when i need her.. she qiives me advice when i really need iit ...
theres times where we share sad moments.. we always seem to clean up each others tears ..
we always make eachother smile =) ..
&nd we trust eachother , thats the important thing ..
we learned so much from eachother , knowing that our lives are different , but we accept eachother the way we are in the inside ..not the out..
i love you cici =] ,your the best wife & bestfriend someone like me can have.. cuz in the end.. ionly need you , darion and my family .. thats how much you mean to me . Let the haters eat rotten fish lmaoo buh damn sure they not gonna tear us apart cus ill beat a mf xD . .

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