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Avatar since: 2005-12-24
Age: 28
United States
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"Hell no bitch, I\'m a Texan girl"

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I used to not add everyone.. But then I started thinking, that's not really fair for all the creepers, the weirdos, the stalkers, the IMVU geeks, the fantasy nerds, the hobos, the bums that use IMVU at the library, the wannabe models, the Nazis, the pro-lifers, the meatheads, the skinheads, the rednecks, the antichrists, the illegal aliens, the child rapists, my mom, or people with down syndrome, is it? No, they should ALL have a chance to be my friend. :D
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship

Hi everyone, my name is Skye, as you smartie pants might have guessed from the big "Skye" in my name. You guys can't be fooled can ya? A little bit about me, if you don't know, and care to read. I like Orange chicken, and I put ketchup on everything, including your mom. When I eat pizza, I eat the whole thing because that's how much they give you! When I eat ice cream I eat the whole pint, and when I make cookies I lick the spoon, because dammit... it tastes GOOD. I listen to Nightcore in my room with the volume up, grab my would-be balls, and mouth the lyrics to my stuffed animals while pretending to hold a microphone. Everybody thinks I wash my hands after going to the bathroom. Which is... sometimes true, but I like to switch it up and be mysterious like that (just kidding) :D. I can seriously kick your ass at Super Smash Bros. Rachel would know. I can tell if your pictures are fake, but normally I won't say anything about it. I like to dance when no one's watching. ..and when I'm drunk ..and when I'm sober in my underwear when everyone is watching... I just like to dance goddammit! Let me dance! I'm the queen of dance dance revolution. No YOU'RE a nerd. One day I'm going to own a mansion with a rollercoaster that starts inside and goes through all the rooms and the backyard so walking will be optional in my house. I'm going to have my own chinese chef who goes out and gets me orange chicken from Panda Express, but pretends that he made it when guests come over, so they'll be like "Wow, tastes just like Panda Express" and I'll be like "Yeah, you wish you had your own chinese chef don'tcha?" and then I'll glance over and wink at him and we'll exchange a silent giggle because only we know the truth. I'm very impatient, so if you "brb" alot, you may want to bypass this experience and exit through the door on your left. My IMVU is pretty screwed up, so I prefer talking over messages. If I leave or don't talk, you either bore me or my computer's PMSing. DO NOT talk to me in "txt tlk", tHiS tHiNg, or ALL CAPS. That's LAME/ lAmE/ l@m3. And no, I will not HOLLER AT YOU. Crap you should know: I'm ALOT younger than I look. I'm left handed. I'm a singer. I play piano. I'm in advanced classes and have all a's. Muscles and brains don't impress me, only the ability to make me laugh. I play soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track.MSN=

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Gross. Look at all you stalkers.
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I RARELY accept invites from people I've never talked to before.. Unless your display picture is something interesting..
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I will not beg, unlike alot of you little wussies. But if you do give me a gift, thank youuu :]. And the next time I get ACTUAL credits, I will pay you back :] (If I remember)
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This guy got me pregnant. He is a [my] sexy beast :D
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I play the piano :D
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