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Avatar since: 2006-06-30
Age: 30
United States - VA
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"i think im back not sure"

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Yaaa Boyyyyy Chris

eyyyyyyah what it be like folks.This ya dude Chris not Side2side... dont call me that. Basic is probley im a nice dude but i be geekin alot. Im from the 804 VA sooooo get at me ya digg. Ive seen differnt type of people errwere so ive seen it all. Bitter? ummthem copyin me is sorta not my problem if they wanna be like me i mean whatever. Still get on my nerves thoo. I listen to all type of music soo its whatever. Football my sport RB my position.Girls are ma thing ya digg haha.well im out and most of all GOD is ma life too so get at me

Sorry that

sorry that:i cant go out with you because i dont know you

sorry that:hi cant by you a gift

sorry that:i dont like you

sorry that:Rikku 2 hairstyle is mine

sorry that:that this remind you of that gay akon song

Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Other
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