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I'm a creator and hope you check out my shop. I do customs as well. Don't be afraid to contact me, would love to hear from you. Thank you!!!

DwayneToddWolfcloud My Loving Hubby In real life and on here :) I love you with all my heart
Have many friends and very close family
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Pow Gloves BlackPow Leg Warmers BlackPow Hoodie BlackPow Skirt BlackPow Top BlackDaddy's Bad Cat Paci
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*JJ* Jaime Dress ~slim*JJ* Jaime Dress ~slim*JJ* SD 69 top*JJ* Spring Lace pink*JJ* Spring Lace yellow
*JJ* Spring Lace blue*JJ* Spring Lace peach*JJ* Spring Lace white*JJ* Jacket*JJ* Winter Set
*JJ* Winter Set*JJ* Dr Platform boots*JJ* Valentine Dress ♥*JJ* Valentine HeelsBlack Chic Choker
Let me tell You BundleDaisi BundleElfi*Fashion Black/Whitespacerspacer
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