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My name is ShephonSionnach, I am of mortal birth, born of an Irish father and Greek mother. My mother came from a tyrant family who are evil in the mind. She was much tortured throughout her life. One day she escaped their confinements to live in the forest of Eire. While sleeping under an old Ruin an Irish man found her. He cradled the stranger woman in his arms and took her to his clan the O'Cathain which is known today as Kane. Their territory spread out from the Limavady region, north across the Faughan and Roe valleys. My ancestors grew up along the cliffs of Mohers overlooking the ocean. At an early age my father taught me the ways of leadership, listening and communicating before reacting and being wise in all decisions so that it best benefits everyone as a whole. Be stern yet compassionate with a steady heart and hand.

Overall I am complicated. None see me unless I want you to. I have foresight, so do not try to fool me. I was tortured all through childhood by my mother, enslaved and hidden from others, hence why I can hide in plain sight. I've made myself physically strong, both in body and mind. I've witnessed unpleasantness and swore I would never allow myself to stand by and watch ever again. I speak my mind, if you don't like it, leave my presence. If challenged I will not hesitate. I have no tolerance for stupidity or lies.

I prided myself with the skills of a warrior, learning skills such as martial arts and combat adeptness. I am versed in many weapons and with these skills I use them to protect and defend. I am married to Lucifer on here and married to in REAL LIFE, who I love very much and nothing will come between us. In the end I protect which is mine, I defend those who cannot defend themselves and when all diplomatic actions fail (I KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS)





Only so often does someone find true love and I have found it with this man both RL and RP. Our hearts are one as is our minds and soul. Each day we learn something new about the other and we laugh and have fun. he brings a smile to my lips and gives me butterflies. My heart races when he enters a room and i can't help but be excited to see him. My days would be gloomy and sad if I did not have him to share them with. I love you Lucifer and having you be my Husband, King and best friend brings me so much happiness. I am yours for all eternity. Not one day goes by that I don't enjoy being in your arms. I love you baby with all my heart.

For those who do not know of the Sionnach, it extends from Gaelic history in Ireland of great battles won by an Irish Chieftain surname of Tadhg O'Catharnaigh, who's cleverness in battle as well as ability to acquire land was known to all as the Fox of Ireland and was nicknamed Sionnach.

Name in Gaelic: O'Catharnaigh (Descendent of Catharnach, meaning Warlike), O'Cearnaigh (Son or Descendent of Cearnach, meaning Victorious).

Sionnach is not a weak clan. They were skilled in war and always victorious. Later in history, many took up his calling in war and many were also giving the name Sionnach. O'Cathain also known as Kane took up such a name. O'Cathain, from a diminutive of cath, meaning "battle". This is my legacy and battle I know well. I wear this name proudly as it has now passed to me.

Lucifer (my love in real life) UnknownXIV (my true friend who has never doubted me) ImpalerJustice ( I call him brother and to me in real life, I consider him one) AlphaXrime and AluruEsper (Both great friends of mine and also brothers to me)

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