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Tired of hiding behind the Mask of Lies? So shatter it Already!
Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Friendship


~ Im not ignoring you Im either getting caught up on stuff or developing please feel free to message me I will answer your message asap ~~
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I do not have my own Bling/Badge yet !! for I do not hve enough credits to make on-want to get badge from me help me to get one by purchasing more of my items


IF you have your messages set to Private,buddies only,or page set to AP only I can not leave a message to you saying Thankyou,so If you are one of these,I am saying thankyou ahead of time.. :)

Glass block Room DividerGothic Wall Dividerwild color stain glassButterfly stainglasshippy wall decorationHippy throw rug

of the
Pirates of BlackWing

THIS JOLLY RODGER IS COPYRIGHTED BY ME !!! so please dont try to copy it that would greatly tick me off.. only the pirates of blackwing n certain friends are allowed to use this JollyRodger PERIOD!!!

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Finally in top 100's ~OUTFIT CHALLENGE EXTREME MAKEOVER 65TH PLACE OUT OF 723~Offically January 20th 009~
Thankyou Sharezz n Kayeagle for the help!!

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My Videos

I just think this is a cool vid

This video pretty much describes me

this is to my kids-there the reason I do everything in my life-No I am not a perfect Mom,I do not wear a superhero cape

how I feel when my love can't be with me aka he at work

This is how I finally feel"*ALIVE*"thanks to friends and family


this one kind of describes my past that I kissed goodbye~long story

This is to my Children-always ever so growing up way to fast

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Anytime I see light at the end of the tunnel-All I see is the pain,darkness and the shadows of the past lurking near..
I say let them lurk for I may Have and Know fear,But I am not afraid! As for pain can sometimes be a Bitter sweet treat when one is so used it,as for if it were'nt for the pain then we would have no reminder that were alive. So let it lurk, For I am not afraid I will do what I have to do to get through Life.After all if there was not at least a hint of light then a mere shadow could not truly exist. ~Anon~

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Special Someone

My Daughter is the Light in my life and my son (to young for internet) is my hope .They are my reason for everything...I do

My world evolves around My Children.
friend n family are My Everything !

Well Howdy There

My Interests

 photo zodiac_1_zps231f23a5.gif
Also Known by Little Eagle

As well as Many other Nicknames
I have Many interest. First and foremost I am a PROUD Mom to 2 Fantastic,Very Wild- kind hearted kids..My daughter is more Like me than I care to admit typical hell raiser,Very Smart, that Loves Life. My son is the sweetiest lil sneaky,helliant with he sweet angelic eyes,and you would ever meet ever.... I live to spend time with my family and friends,Have fun and live my life. When it comes to my Family and friends ~ im Extremly protective I can be one of the sweetest people you may know but piss me off or mess with my family,or friends then I am and will be the Biggest B*TCH you will ever meet. I am proud to be a B*TCH cause for the most part that is the protective side of me... so I wear that title proudly! I Belly Dance Been doing it for pretty much 8 years..
I Love bieng creative,,, Arts and cratfs,Drawing,Glass Etching,WoodBurning,Sewing,Costuming,BeadWork,Painting,making layouts for Profiles,Making things for IMVU,Renfairs,Pirate Stuff,Making gifts for my friends and family,Making Backgorunds For IMVU as well as for Myspace. I also do Conseptual type art I do many things Over all I am a Bard in real life and extremly proud of it. I Just love to be creative.
I also like to play on line games Like MMO's,I love to listen to music,Dance,watch movies,Hang With friend,
Thing I like to do but have not been lucky Enough to do that much or at all over the past years. Roller Skate,Blade,Ice Skate,Horse Back Riding,Canoeing,Hiking,Camping,Picnic,making sand castles at the beach,(lol)Clubbing,Shoot pool,etc..
Few Thing I want to learn how to do
Hang glide,para sailing,surfing,Hockey, etc..
( LOL way to many things to name but those are a few)
If there is something you would Like to know about me please feel free to ask I will more than likely tell you.

My Friends (301)

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics
Elfkyn is my wild and crazy daughter she is my sunshineMy son(does not have IMVU cause he os to young-to sneaky,sweet,my little bright eye boy can always make me laugh -My man does not have IMVU he is my heart he has my heart we started off as friends and over several years it grew to alot more and unexpectedly we ended up together partially thanks to the 2 of us both have our hearts smashed and shatterd we have known each other roughly since I was 19 I LOVE HIM !! more than even he can imagine<3 my mom (has 2 imvu accounts) her and I are more like sister than mom and daughter I love her so much and even if she did somethinng wrong I would still defend and protect her cause I know she would do it for me,Love my mom !!!
,RobertJ Is my Pain in the Arse Ex~Husband : ) still sweet just grew apart(long story short),The Gentleman73 Is a Very Ole andTrue dear friend So is Sukaji,and~Sharezz is My adopted Sister Love her to death Like a real sister ,,n bro,and one of my best and dearest friends heck if someone held a gun on us the person would probably just give up and throw the gun away cause we be fighting over who was going to take the bullet for who,WickedBlackCrow Is my adopted sweet and Pain in the arse adopted brother that puts up with me,I have many real life friends here( some I did not even mention not cause I think little of them or anything I care about them all very much and in different ways there just to many too name them all and they all know hope I feel about them and how dear they are to me even some of my daughters friends that have adopted me as there 2nd mom are here and I Love them as if they were my own- and there is just way too much to say much about them all other than I love them all would pretty much do any thing for them and would protect them all with my own life if I had too and would not change a thing about them there perfect the way they are...........

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where my heart is !!

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My Room

I love my Rooms I just wish I had them in real life !
My Wish List

Buy me something On my Wish List THEN Message me I will make you a background for free.(At the moment some of the Music that I have on wish list would be nice or some outfits"hint hint") As a matter of fact the background I am using now I created as well as a few other people on my buddies list. Or if you dont want a Backgound and would like to get me something on my Wish list that would be cool too. Whichever is fine.But If you want a Backgound made you do HAVE to message me So I know what all I need to do -I want to make sure I get your background perfect for you..

I know I have a huge wish list it is a bookmark for things for me to get later or learn how to develop and/or makes it easier for when people when they want to get me something, or for when someone wants to trade with me for something aka the layouts I like to make..

! Toxic Hair T! Toxic Rave Purple v4[Lu] Crystal DropsDallas City BackgroundCloudy Night Background
(MR) Cobbled Ground!W Room Background 2Steam Punk Full MaskOH Hat and MaskPearl SugarSkull Mask
Drow Elf Armor[*L] Obnoxious Armor夜 Nightingale Armor[C.A.C] Blac FoxtrelPurr Black Cat Tail
Diamond Cat Skin(F) BLACK CAT SKIN!R+ F Spiked Arm BandsGrey White Wolf Skinspacer

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