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This is your freedom in a life of falacy.

Hiya! Welcome to my homepage.
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I'm Seshirabel. ^__^ I'm usually always in a good mood, and I love to help people with anything I can. I try to keep a very open mind to everything and I don't judge people, unless I think they are asking for it. I don't do drugs or drink. I think it's a very immature thing to do and I dont have respect for people who do it. The occasional drink doesn't bother me.. but if your going to drink to just get 'f-ed up' then I don't want to know you. I love poetry and music, I used to write, but I'm not as good as I used to be. Music to me is everything.. without it we would have nothing. I see it basically as life.. when I listen to music I fall in love with it, because I believe every song or poem in the world is born from the heart and soul. When you write or sing.. every feeling and emotion inside of you floods out and into your words.

I'm 16 regardless of what the age up there says. I don't lie.. IMVU is just mean to me. v_v Anyways.. I love being creative and I love everything and anything artistic. I try to put myself into everything I make and do. Sometimes I have a hard time doing basic things, I space out a lot and daydream often. My mind is buzzing 24/7, sometimes too fast for me to remember what I was thinking of a second after. I always look on the brighter side of things and I'll trust almost anyone. I'm usually either very lively or very quiet. I'm in LOVELOVELOVE with the greatest guy in the world, who means the world and everything in it to me. He's my life and my love and without him I wouldn't survive.

Uhm.. whatelsewhatelse.. Oh! I love nature, and animals. ^_^ I'm a vegitarian and a proud member of PETA. I love dreaming and daydreaming and the simple things in life, like gazeing up at the stars or listening to the ocean waves. I am currently waiting for my life to get started, and until then I'm just sitting back and waiting patiently, and trying to never stop smileing. Anyways, sorry if I bored you. ^_^ Please check out my products and such, I'd be exstreamly greatful, even if you just peeked at them. Dont be shy to leave a message!

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