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I haven't updated my homepage in forever, but I wanted to put this up here. No, I do not sell my files. I do not use any other websites like this except for Second Life, though I do have Facebooks set up for both my IMVU and Second Life stores. I do not use third-party IMVU websites (I used to use some for forums, haven't in years now), and Stellarvore is still my only alt so anyone claiming to be me otherwise is a fake. If you see "me" on any website somewhere else, and you want to verify if it is me, please send me a message HERE with the website and username, or conversation logs if needed.
Yes, I am still currently taking custom skin requests, however I am only currently taking PayPal ($USD only) for payments as I can no longer sell credits. Prices range from between $5USD on the extremely low end (example: Simple custom makeup only, public skin) to $60USD or higher (example: Heavily tattooed, custom tattoos, personal tattoos, extensive custom makeup or extras, exclusive, etc). Please note that I will not do personal tattoos (like names, dates, etc) on any public or limited skins. Also, prices vary so greatly depending on what you want that it's difficult for me to put up a definitive chart for pricing, so if you're interested in a custom skin and are okay with paying via PayPal, please let me know the details of your request and I will gladly give you a price for it and you can decide from there if you'd like to proceed. All custom orders (even public ones) will be gifted to you upon completion because I don't think you should ever have to pay for the same skin twice. All exclusive orders have the choice of being visible in my catalog and set to display only, OR be hidden entirely. I reserve the right to refuse your request at my discretion.


I have been back for about a week now. I've put out some new skins (Dahlia), some new eyebrows (for the Kloudust heads), and a new set of eyes. I AM taking customs right now, however for skins it is ONLY for Dahlia and for any and all custom work I am ONLY taking PayPal. Feel free to message me with the details of your request for pricing as it depends on the work you want done and if you want it public, limited, or exclusive.


Liana file sale owners:


Apparently someone is going around impersonating me saying that they are my alt: I just want to clarify that Stellarvore is my ONLY alt account. Anyone else claiming to be me is a fake.


I'm tight on cash and decided to sell ONE skin file, a modification of my old Maya skin. However this is currently being sold ONLY to people I know/trusted developers, so if I don't know you no I will not sell you the skin, no exceptions so do not hound me for it. Anyway this is just the quick public record of who has purchased it so no one gets confused about theft. If you see anyone submitting my work who is not on this list, please still message me about it so that I may DMCA. Thanks.

Current list of file holders:
Asylum / Oktober


I am not currently doing custom mesh heads. I will however accept requests for custom makeups. The difference between custom and a request is that the requests are for makeups only, nothing personal (no tattoos, scars, custom enhancements etc), only on pre-existing tones, and they are public only. If it's a simple makeup that I think will sell well, I will do it for free. If it's something more complicated or that I don't think will get as many sales, I will charge. Also note, if I don't know you I may be a little hesitant. I've had issues in the past of people trying to send me fraudulent credits and that's not something I want to deal with.

Also on an unrelated note, I've redone my hair textures on Stellarvore as well as added some new colors and now dreads in blonde brown and black! Click here!


Starting today, November 12, 2013, I will no longer be submitting my hairs on this account. They clutter up my catalog and make it hard for people to find what they're looking for (skins, mesh heads, etc). I am not discontinuing them, I will be submitting them on my alt instead (Stellarvore). This is my one and ONLY alt account. I will be submitting my same textures and colors there, and I may even add additional colors since I won't have to worry about clutter anymore. I'm posting this here so no one messages me thinking someone stole my hairs. Scarling and Stellarvore are the ONLY accounts I have and therefore the ONLY ones permitted to sell anything that I make. Anyone else is of course stealing and I would still greatly appreciate messages about other people so I may take the proper actions. <3



Guys, please read my FAQ before messaging me about anything other than personal matters. I will recap the main two that people keep ignoring:
Please do not add me without first talking to me. I do not add random people. and I appreciate the interest but I do not use modeling agencies. I model everything myself and I have no intention of ever using one of these modeling agencies. It is far easier and not to mention quicker to model my products on my own. Once again, I appreciate the continued interest but please stop messaging me about wanting to model for me. Thank you.


So I closed my second life store a few months ago because I wasn't logging on enough and I hadn't made anything new in over a year. Well I've since opened a new store called Nar Mattaru. :) I don't have any new skins up yet but I do have some tattoos, eyes, undies, and avatar shapes (and of course more to come). So check it out :D


Just got this custom layout to work, thanks to Anorexic, Seriously and Irony. :) I'll be getting everything up to speed within the next day or so, so I apologize if all of my usual information is not here. I have copy/pasted my FAQ so it is still available to read if you have any questions. Also, please be sure that your messages are not set to buddies only if you ask me something, otherwise I cannot reply D;


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