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"a haunting tune upon the air, a flicker in the shadows, always there but never seen"

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*Note* It seems IMVU hates me and I keep losing buddies and groups so if for some reason I disappear please do not be alarmed, just kick IMVU! Or hell for all I know I'm being left :-(
Also I am currently in the process of revamping my page so please bear with me.

RP only profile here, talk to me ooc if you wish to know anything about me! Not here to cyber so don't ask >.<

Ok well if there is anyone out there that does roleplay I am big into it. I play several seperate personas. It is not several in one body like most do (mpd) they are each completely seperate storylines. I will post up the info on the other characters when I get it written down a little better first. Some that have private character by them will have limited details and may not be likely to be seen in a public room. Also just because you read the info here does NOT mean you know the character, please approach and rp with the character accordingly to someone you've just met. Thanks and happy rping!

Name: Sathia
Age: unknown (appears to be in late 20's if she were to be human)
Height: 5'10"
Race: half vampyre half fallen angel...
Rewrite, will be back up soon

Name: Lynn
Age: Unknown (being a shapeshifter no one really knows how she ages, but appears to be in her late teens by human years)
Height: 5'0"
Race: Wolf Shapeshifter
Rewriting...will put it back up as soon as I am done.

Name: Naushindtor Ir
Race: High Elf/Dragon
Still working out storylines.

Name: A'te’emru
Race: Demon
Under construction.

Relationship Status: Other
Looking For: Chatting
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Actually it is my shopping list for later. Works great to save things for when I get credits. Keeps me from spending too much when I find stuff.
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