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Avatar since: 2006-04-05
Age: 29
United States
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"Im single!"

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Welcome to My Page. Leave a comment/gift before you leave. Have a Great Day! :]
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Hello! It will be very nice to get a gift once in awhile from the greatest friends ever or vistors! If some one gives me creds I will buy them a gift with the creds they gave me to thank them for their kindness. Well September 6 is my Birthday! So you can leave a message or a gift for me!
[F] Belted outfit #2$Destiny Sombre[Dô Gold Glow Berry Skin[L] 020 Golden Beauty$Sombre Kannibal
Mahogany PunkaElegant Modern HomeWicked Hazelnut Gwen[Dô eJewl Lollis[69S] COUPLE COUCH III
[m] Black Snakebites*L* Flirtation [P]ANN Arachnia BRUNETTE(A) Black TruckANN 020 BARE
*L* Raving Princess [P]StrongerWhiteLK~DollEyes-Doe/Sky(–) Brune Beauty~ Kimikospacer
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Hey look at the title There Cool ok so go visit them after u leave a message at my page or a gift i dont kare just go vist the "cool ppl"
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