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Avatar since: 2006-01-19
Age: 38
United States
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"The P2P Mafia Will Rise"

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{-+About me+-}
I'm an easy going guy thats likes classic rock music, a hippie if you will to some extent, but dig the goth punk and emo culture, goth i see as an art unlike this new fangled hip-hop culture, but i like fine italian and indian restaurants, i'm very open minded by my cuisine i like to try new things, like different kinds of movies, i like mostly action and comedy flicks but i can get into some romantic flicks if you like. lets have a good time together.

{-+Who I'd like to meet+-}
I'm looking for someone thats open-minded, someone who can give 2 sh*Ts about what i look like, if you can skip past that and get into a conversation with me then u can see what im really about and u can see that its not at all about looks its about how u can hold a conversation with someone.

I like movie theaters, restaurants, fine italian wines, muscle cars, music in classic rock baroque r&b jazz funkadelics disco age, basically music where u can hold an instrument to, unlike hip-hop where u hold your crotch to.

Relationship Status: Single
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