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I have made my way into writing. I love it so much and I am kind of new at it. I have some stories I have been working on for a long time. But, I have nothing on paper. I have been working on the people and creators, the homes, and every thing between. I also do a little fashion designing. Its kind of hard to do fashion on imvu but, i am good on paper. I have been designing starch pants and sweatshirts imvu winter. I love to talk and have fun. I may not be fun but i will try
My hobbies are drawing, playing video games, sewing, talking with friends and making new friends. shopping, writing
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This are my creations. Try them out. I do starchy pants and some shirts. some of my work is hair to. so fill free to try before u buy.
tyedye night leggingsblack and purplue tightsPurpulehairBlack SweaterPeach and Coral SweaterLong Black Hair
My Wish List
Fill free to gift me. i love gifts. i also have been known to give
💖 Cozy Cuddles| Too sexy girlfriend💖 I Need Your Love| KISS ME BABEStudio empty ambient
YALLA Platform Fur BLACKJUCCY Heart Thin ChainNova Jeans! RLLSweet Dreams PjsSmexy Lil' Black Bundle
H! Pamla Lace BlueLuxury Satin Robe ! Blk! L FULL - Winter DenimE. Workout Outfit RLJanSport♥
|SS| Kid Drawing Fashionnew drawing nailspacerspacerspacer
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