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My Interests
I love to make things that make other people happy.Love to cook. I am slowing working on a book. I started with my people and then started writing. One day I will go to college for fashion and animation.IF you would like to learn more about me then chat with me. I am a little shy when it comes to talking with men so bear with me.
My hobbies are drawing, playing video games, sewing, talking with friends and making new friends. shopping, writing
My Wish List
I love to shop and would love some friend who would love to shop with me. I the future, If you talk to me and like my then buy for and I will buy for you. I love to give to my friends.

Stitch Outfit*VN IMVU + ExpressionsT| Hana IMVU studio testT| Saweetie Braids -BlkGreen Dress RLL
Green Dress RLAcqua Light Green Dress[Bw] Light Green DressGlamour Green DressCovered Sofa+ Lights
Halloween Couch W/PosesBlack Sectional SofaBlack CouchModern VanityStanding Spot Yellow Dot
Modern Couch Set[J] Oreo shoes[J] Bloody mary[J] Blue slippersspacer
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Black & Blue gray&green testing-1b summer-shirt
Cold Summer HairHidden Plum hairLong Black Hair 2Long Black HairFalls SofaGray Swode Sofa
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