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Special Someone
Well, when I first was given this challenge of finding out who would be my special someone, I only considered people I knew online. Then someone that is very close to me in my life got an IMVU account and now I can say that he is my special someone! I love this man n_n
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FG~ Merilyn Gown PurpleFG~ Whip Me BuckledFG~ Gio Purple DiamondFG~ Biker BootsFG~ Ghoul PVC Boots
FG~ Gio Purple DiamondsFG~ Geisha Black Nails* Marble Nails + RingsFG~ Hot Leather BlackPVC Peacock Gown RL
.: Chain Tentacles Blk:.A~ PJ's Onyx~AK~ Short Cowl Dress~AK~ Elven: Crystal! BOA BLACK
Dress Balmain Gold[Anry] Isaie Ppl Necklac[Anry] Chrissy Lips P.spacerspacer
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