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"For the future!"

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I wanted to do this the easy way. I travelled to the past with a plan to save the future as a superhero. Thanks to the support of the IMVU community, I earned a spot on the TV show "Who Wants to Be a Superhero," and set out to make things right... for the future.

Unfortunately, I was removed from the show due to my unwillingness to be dishonest, to subjugate myself the whims of a villain. Well... I have another plan.

It's time for Plan B.



"Who Wants to be a Superhero" starts July 26th at 9 PM on the SciFi Channel!
Don't miss your chance to see a fellow IMVU member in action!!

Check out the official SciFi site at

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People of the 21st Century, I am OMNICRON!
I have travelled here from the far far future, where a great calamity has befallen the universe. It has been destroyed by a doomsday device created by dark science. But do not be concerned. For as long as I draw breath, such a fate will not befall your time!

There was one slot left on the popular SciFi Channel TV Show, "Who Wants to be a Superhero," and it was up to an internet vote to decide who would get the slot! Thanks to the support of incredible internet communities, especially IMVU, Omnicron (renamed Mindset) WON the final slot! To thank the IMVU community for their support, OMNICRON has allowed his incredible armor to be duplicated, and available for only 285 credits! Check out the costume here!

Official Cast Pic:

Article in Sci Fi Magazine reveals all 10 superheroes selected for the show!!


Closeup of my mug (and new name):
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