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My name..? Of course, not like you hadn’t clicked on it in order to get to this page in the first place. Call me Nyte, not many if anyone at all is allowed to call me by my name. Assuming you also want to know what I busy with myself with around here.. Yes, why not appease you for a few moments. I am a roleplayer, a friend, and a creator. Roleplay wise I am an empress in an up-and-coming roleplay titled Alrydia which is branched between the Haze and DarkBlood families, I also will be seen filtering in and out of other roleplays due to how my character is written. I am a T-1 trained roleplayer (though I am a touch rusty from an extended sabbatical leave) and am willing to help new roleplayers learn the twists and turns of roleplay if asked (and if Rl makes it possible). A friend.. Well that’s self explanatory. Creating? I specialize in hairs (new found hobby), rooms, and furniture. Anything else? Well you’ll have to ask, I’m not writing out my life’s story. * Any Drama or Harassment will be reported to the appropriate channels and dealt with promptly**

Dema… There are too many words on this earth that can portray and express how I feel about you, how much I respect you, how much I appreciate you…. And I could go on and on. You found me during some of my darkest days and took me into your life with little to no hesitation. Over time things have changed, and even though others do not like it, this path is our own and its been amazing so far. Our history together, our current struggles, and everything that may come at us in the future are all of those things that will just make us stronger not only together but on our own. I never thought I would be lucky enough to have or belong to someone like you, to be blessed with your love and to be loved by you. You’re my everything, and the literal image from every “forever after” dream I have ever had. I love you so much, Dema.. I will never stop. I cannot wait to explore our future together. <33

For any further questions about the roleplays I am involved in, learning, or to request an item from my shop please send a message. No random adds, they will be deleted.

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