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A picture is worth a 1000 words......
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______STAR TREK______
I love STAR TREK!! Mostly because the characters are so endearing and the storylines are great.

  • Favorite series ::: VOYAGER
  • Favorite movies ::: TNG First Contact and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
  • Favorite Ship ::: Enterprise-E, Sovereign Class, The sixth ship to bear the name. It was almost 700 meters in length and had 24 decks. It also carried the Cousteau, which was Captain Picard's yacht. Awsome ship!
  • Favorite Doctor ::: Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) on Voyage played by Robert Picardo. And second is Dr. Bashir from DS9.
  • If I could work anywhere on a ship, it would be Astrometrics Lab
  • Favorite DS9 episode ::: 'Trials and Tribble-ations' of course!
  • Favorite Bad Guys ::: The Borg of coarse! Anything that could create something as exquisite as Seven of Nine definately has my vote!
  • Favorite captain ::: Wow, I liked them all, each for different reasons, but if I had to pick, it would be a tie between Picard and Sisko.
  • Least Favorite series ::: Enterprise, but I thought Archer was a great captain and I loved TRIP! :) and the greatest moment of this entire series was when they explained the reason why the Klingons 'looked' different during the years of The Original Series (TOS). Awsome.
  • Anyone out there know who Lon Suder is??? He is my all time favorite side character. Suder did bad things, lol. He struggled with violent tendancies and although he was Betazoid, Suder felt no remorse and could not embody the emotions of others. He got stuck on Voyager and did good until he murdered a fellow crewman. When asked, "Why did you kill him?" Suder responded, "He looked at me the wrong way." lol, I love it! Tuvok, a Vulcan, performed a mind-meld with Suder in hopes of finding a reason for Suder's madness. Didn't work. Captain Janeway ordered that Suder be confined to quarters for the duration of their trip home (roughly 60-70 YEARs!) Poor Suder.
  • DS9 ::: *sigh* I did NOT care for it at all when it came out. But years later I watched it staight from the first episode in order to the last and LOVED it! It is so different from the others. I believe it's the most action-packed, kick-ass series of the bunch! The war with the Jem'Hadars and the Dominion, and those darn Cardassians! Love it!

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