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Fiesty & Flirty - Beware my Impatience...Be interesting or be gone
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Looking For: Chatting
Please note that I do not add buddies to my list who I do not know, I have not chatted with or who have not left some sort of message. I also do not accept buddies under the age of 21. Very rarely I will sort thru my buddy list and delete those who I have not communicated with in a long while. Please do not take offense. I do not spend much time chatting on the client anymore. On most occasions (when I am online) you will find me in the public rooms chatting with friends. You are more then welcome to come and join us. I hope you enjoy my page & I thank you kindly for taking the time to come and visit. xoxo ~MM


I used to be SexyColdMedea and I changed my name to MsMedea quite a while ago. The reasons were many. Partly to simplify after I became a developer, partly to emphasize my status as a Mistress. As you can see I have kept the Medea suffix. Medea is a mythical woman with a very dangerous personality. She is from a Greek tragedy and this resounded well with my own Greek Heritage. Medea figures in the myth of Jason and the Argonauts, and she is known in most stories as an enchantress and is often depicted as being a priestess of the goddess Hecate or a witch. She is the daughter of a King Aceates, niece of Circe, and most interestingly, granddaughter of the sun god Helios. This lineage also struck a cord with me and the name Medea although somewhat archaic was a good fit for me.

I have 2 Public Rooms that I rotate through on occasion.

My moods vary greatly and so will my rooms. Please feel free to join in on the weekends when I am hanging out with my NO DRAMA friends. LOL.

I know that I am on dnd most of the time that I am on here, and I do apologize for the inconvenience. But I must profess to you that I have become an addict. Yes its true, I am very ashamed to admit it, but alas I have succumbed to the IMVU contest addiction. My shame is replete and you can find the evidence of said addiction posted all over my page in the form of contest banners, saved outfits and snapshots. So please forgive me. I nurse my addiction almost on a daily basis. Do not be angry at me pity me, for I cannot help myself. For the most part though, I do try to come and chat online on the weekend. Often I will be in the public rooms so that I can chat with multiple people at once.

In addition, I am The Founder and Officer of the wonderful DAWNING DEVELOPERS GROUP. It takes up a lot of my online time. The focus of the group is to support developers that are working their way up the tier system and to challenge them to try new things in order to spark their creativity and push them to expand their knowledge. New members are always welcome and any established devs who would like to come join and support the group and judge the monthly entries are most welcome. Just drop me a line :)

If you do not have one of my little talking Ms. Medea flash stickers that are placed in my Interests panel and you would like one, just let me know which one you prefer (red, burgundy or silver car) and I will give it to you - absolutely FREE!!!! No contracts to sign, no hidden caveats, and I will not ask you for your first born child it is simply a little thank you for taking the time to read my rambling, long winded page! :)

If you would like to support my developing, Please select one (or more - lol) of the banners below to put on your home or product page. I try to create banners that are artistic and unique - I do hope you like them. Don't forget to drop me a note so I can pass by and thank you....

My Badges


Thank you for requesting my Bling Badges
"Embrace The Night", "Vintage Cherry" and/or "Blood Red Lust"
Please feel Free to pick up the matching Banners for your page
Your support is Greatly Appreciated :)
If you are a dedicated Client and/or Friend and I have somehow missed sending you my exclusive Appreciation badge, please leave me a note stating so and i will send it to you.

Get this badge MsMedea - Embrace the Night
Get this badge MsMedea - Seize the Day
Get this badge Blood Red Lust  ~MsMedea
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These are my "hottest" products - my current best sellers. Go on click one and see if you agree.

These are my Newest GA Products. If you click the Catalog Image it will take you to the product page. Hopefully the item is out of Peer Review when you take a peek :)
MsMedea_Outfit_4MsMedea_Outfit_3MM~ Framed Wrestling ArtMM~ Drying Rack HerbsMM~ Garden Patio FurnituMM~ Ouiji Board Table
My Interests

I also have Four Shared Badges - please pick these up as well and dont forget to visit the associated HP's to see the wonderful Devs who I am collaborating with :) Or - if you hate waiting for your badges - just click them on my avi and go get some instant bling gratification from the page :)

Also - the 4 badges below and my own three - i made and designed. If you require such a service - please let me know.

To request DawningDevelopers Badge....DawningDevelopers

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To request NaturalDevelopment Badge....NatDev

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If you like on of my little talking MsMedea Stickers, you can have one for FREE!!! Just let me know if you would rather have the red, burgundy or silver car one and I will send it to you :)

Currently I am very interested and involved in a variety of Digital Art. I do custom requests and you will find some examples below in another panel. Please note that custom requests begin at 10,000cr and animation (which is very labour intensive) is higher still depending on the complexity of your request. Leave me a message detailing what work you are interested in and I will return your note and we can chat.

Canada, Family, Friends, Gardening, Gemini, Mystery, Peace, Second Life, Skydiving, Travel, canoeing, chat, cheesecake, coffee, collections, discipline, hiking, literature, music, nature, pets, photography, serenity, tattoos, vintage
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These are some of the nicest people on IMVU. A better bunch could not be hoped for!

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All work Displayed here is custom created by me for Clients/Friends.

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Occasionally I do socialize with my friends on the weekends. But i do not chat on the client much any more :( Please feel free to drop in and visit if im in a room - my friends are welcoming and non drama :)
My Wish List
ahhh - The ever present wish list. I believe i am like most people in that i save what interests me here until i am ready to make my purchases. As such you will see it fill and empty on a regular basis as i purchase and edit the items. If the moods strikes you - I thank you deeply for your kindness - it is noted and very much appreciated.
k! Kelly's MiyenniLS! Lac Black RLLS! Latex top lac! Varya Black Bundle. skin gift to you
D. Anitta Miaw Sexy!spacerspacerspacerspacer
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