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Age: 36
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"One cannot defeat a heat storm..."

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Name: Mor'Be Kartur

Race/Homeplanet: Twi'lek / Tatooine

Ancestor Clan / Family Clan: Tukian (Spirit Twi'leks) / Mor Family

Force Alignment: Light Side - Jedi Consular

Story: Mor'Be and her mother belonged to the wealthy owner of the pub The Oasis, Mr. Kartur, but when her mother had died when she was 5, he was then in charge of her. Mor'Be took on his surname. For the next 15 years, he would have her be a servant girl to a waitress to a performer. In time, Jabba had discovered her and had Bib buy her. However, Bib decided to keep her for himself, smitten in love. But the following events of Luke Skywalker's arrival and Firith Olan's treachery tumbled his and Mor'Be's relationship much. When everything was resolved, Bib and Mor'Be pledged their lives to each other, but Bib had plans. He would travel and do his thing while Mor'Be remained on Tatooine, now the owner of the pub.

Though Force Sensitive all her life, only a year later was she discovered as having great potential, and was trained informally. she holds out through her allegience to her Twi'lek love and newfound Force powers... it seems that there's an Umbaran sith watching her every move....

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*~~Enter the visitors ^_^ those who wish to learn of myself~~*

*~ or perhaps wish to refresh themselves with water of my pub ~*

*~~~~~~~~~~~or just browsing through.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

*~~~~~~~~~~~WELCOME TO THE OASIS~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

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*~~Here are those whom I have deemed trustworthy humans~~*

*~~~~~~~~~and won't hesitate to invite into my~~~~~~~~~*

*~~~~~~still-running pub and home, even past hours.~~~~~~~*





*~~~~~~~~~~~~YOU ARE WELCOME HERE~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

Special Someone
MorbeKartur has no special someone.
~~~~~~~~~~~ While Jedi are discouraged to hold strong attachments with people, ~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm afraid that it couldn't be helped with certain persons in my life. ~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~ ~~~

~ Bib Fortuna was obviously my first love... and after his confrontation with Firith Olan, I found myself having to love him. Now, in-game, I did unlock the romantic sub-plot with Carth Onasi, in KOTOR I. As for KOTOR II, my kind and persuasive words got Darth Sion to profess his love for me, which I so wished to return before he died. And now... the Umbaran Sith who has been spying on me... we've grown close. Too close.

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==What some have said about/to me...==

"I...I love you and I can't wait until this is all over with." -Carth Onasi

"I hate you because you are beautiful to me. And in that weakness lies death." -Darth Sion

">Inkabunga<..." -Bib Fortuna

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Aside from roleplaying as my character, I do enjoy gaming. ^_^ And of course, I'm a Star Wars Trilogy fan. My favorite film is Return of the Jedi, and favorite scene...

Poor Bib... ^^ Heeheehee

love, starwars, power, water, youtube, spirituality, legos, swimming, Cancer, computergames, Humor, Darkside, Roleplaying, RPGs, Gaming, United States, XBOX, SciFi, costumes, Jedi, Sabers, soundtracks, aliens, Instrumentals, starwarsgalaxies
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Tenni Red Feather fansTenni Yelow Feather fansTenni Black Feather fanjm| La Cantina{SD} KotOR
Light Side Chamberdarth vador with ipodSW Land Speeder 2300SW Jedi Temple ChairSW Taris Jedi Temple
SW Desert Hover Cruiser(MSS) Fan Dance SpotSW Desert Hover CraftSW Moisture VaporatorE Jawa: Sand Hauler
Jabba The Hut StickerFan Dance ModernTenni Gold Feather fans{SD} Jedi ConsularThe Cantina

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