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I am Masada Oblodra. Last surviving son of house Oblodra after the spider bitch Lolth dragged the entire house into the Clawrift... Something about my dear cousin's lack of faith I would dare to think... Fortunately for me I was away on "house business" in the Drow city Ched Nasad when the aforementioned visit of the Spider goddess occurred. While I shed no tears for the loss of my cousin Matron Mother K'yorl Odran, or for a house full of relatives that would as soon slit my throat as kiss me. Lolth's actions are still something of an inconvenience as house Oblodra held some degree of rank and respect.... Not to mention I kept my stuff there... Having to keep a low profile in both Menzoberranzn and Ched Nasad was also something of a problem, but like most members of my clan I possess formidable psionic abilities which allowed me to keep my true identity secret... In time I met Bregan D'aerthe and their rather flamboyant leader Jarlaxle, In turn for some services rendered He aided me when needed, but I would not join the mercenary company. In the end I left the city and traveled the deep underdark for a few years. In time I came to be in the company of a small community of Illithids... Disgusting slimy creatures whose touch I could barely tolerate. Still they were intrigued when they discovered they could not penetrate my mental defenses, nor easily subdue me once i was aware of them. So I was made an offer to aid them in some "projects" they were working on, and in turn they would train me to better exploit the use of my psionic abilities. I accepted as I saw it as an advantage that suited me... and it seems that they were just as curious to see how strong a humanoid's mental powers could be. More than a year would pass with my service to the mind flayers. And the training i got in return was quite useful. Little did I know that they still planned to eat my brains after all was said and done... It seems humanoid brains filed with psychic energy is much more tasty than the norm.... But I'm no fool either... I left the Illithid enclave a few days later, its walls covered in the remains of it's former inhabitants... (smirks) They have given me wonderful gifts, and were the first to feel the results. I'd almost think my cousin would be proud... almost. And so I returned to Ched Nasad and set myself up as an assassin for hire. Sure there were still a few "issues" I needed to settle there. but with my new found "abilities" and years of surviving in the underdark I have little doubt about holding my own here...
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