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Not a Dom, Not a Mistress, Not a typical drow :)
Role Play Profile
Name: Varalla Zhen'Tessel
Race: Drow
Age: 84
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 91 pounds
Alignment: Chaotic Good (Extremely selfish, It's all about her.
Can be perceived as Chaotic Neutral)
Profession: Thief / Magicuser and well skilled in poisons
Title: Outcast
BACKGROUND: Completely incompetent with Clerical magic and at extremely low favor with Lolth, Varalla turned to the school of sorcery proving herself to be quite mediocre. Knowing she was going no where with it, she tried her hand at swordplay and found she was pretty decent. This allowed her to get by being just enough of a hassle for anyone to screw with. As she aged, her peers despised her for her beauty and she knew her demise was soon to come. Risking the unknown to certain death; she ventured to the surface world living as a rogue. It didn't take long for her to figure out that it was her true calling as she quickly became a master thief. Varalla is extremely cautious, examines everyone as a potential threat, and avoids armed conflict preferring wit and wisdom to win her battles.
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