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"om shanti om"

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.. R i R Public Rooms ..

.. Hi,.. are you searching for some public rooms in the imvu-client, but you are tired being booted without any reason? Or you like to joint some party, club, or park and chill with new global friends and celebrate all seasons and festivals, but you are afraid that some bossy type moderator will tell what the rules are and boot you or your friend in front of all visitors? Do you really feel free when you searching at the imvu-client and hopping around the public rooms? ..

.. well,.. imvu is not so bad ..
.. there is an option you really can feel free and search around public rooms without being afraid that the owner or some moderator is pupping in and boot you or your friend or family ..

.. simply type RIR to search in the imvu-client for a public room and a new world of freedom will open for you with up to 500 public rooms where you can hang, chill, relax or celebrate parties in all seasons or festivals. Have fun and invite friends and family.. or just search for an empty room and invite your special some for a romantic day.. There are all kind of rooms available like: theatre, modelling, racing, sports, business lounges, hospital, childcare, clubs, AP-rooms, fantasy, airport, army quarters, 80s, science fiction, romantic parks, castles, cultural and religious temples, Christmas, Holi, Diwali, Eid, Halloween, summer, winter, safari jungle, dance battle, football stadium, Hollywood, Bollywood, and many more ..

.. these RIR rooms are free2use so you don’t have to pay any credits for hiring or rent. Lots of these RIR rooms are full furnished with movie or music players and dance or other animated spots, so you will have the best pleasure when you keep your KB’s low..

.. please respect imvu-TOS when you use the RIR rooms. Beware, someone can report you to imvu-helpcenter for harassment, being rude, or any other rules what is against the imvu-TOS. If you have any troubles experiencing RIR rooms or if you have suggestions, please feel to contact the person who donated most of these RIR public rooms for the imvu-community at avatar: “Raja” by message and you will get a replay as soon as possible .. Be nice to each other and have fun ! ..

.. so .. Select a RIR public room, invite ur friends and throw a PARTY! Make ur own IMVU You-Tube Movie,..
.. or just hang with ur love ones ! ..

.. R o C k - I m V u - R o C k (RIR) !!! ..YaY..

~ * ~

Special Someone
~*~ .. om shanti om .. ~*~

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