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Female Age: 40
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Orientation: Straight
Looking For: Nothing
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Hello all,
I’m Loverly, and just call me loverly, not lov, not love or whatever.
My real name? Dont ask i wont tell. None of your business.
Im not from the UK but i do speak a decent word of english, but i might not understand all. Sorry.
I dont do RP here, ever. Be real or get lost. Dont im a vampire shit or whatever to me.
If you enjoy that its great, but i dont. I got a playstation to play my games on.
I like real conversations, to get to know people but i am antisocial, reclusive and private
so i take my time.
Never let people in your life just like that.
Trust is earned and friendship is a gift not a right.

You know who you are.

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I hardly take requests, but if you want something in just a other color, and/or maybe a other shape,
that’s no problem just shoot me a message.
(if the texture maps are the same, don’t ask for a RL shape
product to change to a Perfect shape product. Those maps are not the same)
Do remind if you want a other color/shape just for you only. That costs.
Because I cant sell it in shop then.

About my stream/display pics.
I don’t use a freaking phone click click all the work is done app.
I do them all on a desktop with a mouse by hand in photoshop.
I don’t fully repaint but I do work with a lot brushes for effects.
if you wanna collab shoot me a message. If you want one done for your own stream,
message me for prizes.
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