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LeeAnnFial has no special someone.

Because he is a true gentleman, someone that is there for you no matter what, a wonderful non judgemental person a real life angel that is always there when you need them one that would do anything for someone he cares about, a real dream come true...and he is my BESTEST friend in the whole world...:)
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BDSM D/s Culture and Training

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jazzKats lounge

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! A Developer Support Group.

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Everything Paint shop Pro & Photoshop!

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Professional Developers

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~ Graphics and developing ~

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PaintShop Pro Tutorial Links

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3786 posts from 2522 members
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Keef’s IMVU Update Group

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Professional Meshers

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Developers from Downunder and Up Yonder

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D2k Designs

1237 posts from 300 members
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Not Quite Pro...YET

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W Developer Designs!

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Developing 101

813 posts from 325 members
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Developing 101 A.P.

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GIMP, Photoshop, and Paint Help Center

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NQPY Tutorials

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Puma's Developers Club

21664 posts from 17887 members
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Developers University

2721 posts from 4517 members
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The Mesh Barn

56 posts from 119 members
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Villainous Robo-Rabbits and Mad Scientists

4936 posts from 8862 members
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Wyckid Syn's Developing & Retexturing

518 posts from 202 members
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FREE shit from free shit givers

1812 posts from 2831 members
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