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Avatar since: 2007-07-01
Age: 25
United Kingdom
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"Wow, it sure has been a while."

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Avatar since: I'm Not But He Is *Points At Aang*

User: Laurie
Age: Depends On The Sugar InTake
Location: DayDream City 24/7
Last log on: Befor Rabid FanGirls Invaded
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
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My Interests
I have a lot of interests but many I cannot think of at the moment. I'll add more later.
Drawing, Bleach, naruto, Gemini, spongebob, photography, Nintendo, reading, Chatting, Daydreaming, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, United Kingdom, Japanese stuff, Pandora Hearts
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That's me in the middle! And on YOUR left is my Friend Lauren and on the other side is Katie. We are really great friends and excellent ravers! Lol!
My Wish List
I'm not begging for anything though it would be nice to get a little something in return for all of those gifts I've given in my time on IMVU. Just saying.
[Miku Skirt w/ Legging][Miski] [Miku Top]Berry Wolf Furset (F)Grape Wolf Furset (F)Blubery Kitsune Furset F
Blueberry Wolf Furset FOrange Crm Wolf Furset FGrape Kitsune Furset FOrange Cream Mouse SetGrape Mouse Set
Custard Mouse SetStrawberry Cabbit Set FPine Creme Cabbit Set FOrangeCream Cabbit Set FGrape Cabbit Set F
Custard Cabbit Set FCinApple Cabbit SetBlueberry Cabbit Set FBerry Cabbit Set FGrape Pocky Pack (F)
Special Someone
From the moment we started chatting we knew we would be great friends. Together as friends, like peanut butter and jelly, like hot dogs and bread buns, like... fox and fox. lol.

Katie is one of my best friends who I am even making a Naruto fanfic with. She is kind and caring towards her friends and was even generous enough to do my home page for me. Aplaud her, peoples! *Claps wildly*
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