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Why are YOU listed first in my buddy list?

Answer: Buddy lists are now in an avatar date created order and I am very, very, VERY old in an IMVU sort of way.

There are are less than 100 people older than I in all of IMVU.

Pretty groovy, I think. ;)

Question: Where did you get your skin & eyes?

Answer: They were custom created for me by a top 'closet' skin designer, aka Keef! *wink* No, they are not available in the catalog.

Question: Will you buy me something?

Answer: Nope, not if you ask. I prefer to give gifts on my whim.

Question: May I add you as a buddy?

Answer: Absolutely! However I may not add you back. I normally keep my mutal buddies to people in my rl or people I speak with often or have known from other online ventures.

Question: Why do you put things on your wishlist if say you don't want anything?

Answer: My wishlist is my shopping list; either things I want to try on or have another look at. I love pressies but I would rather you spend your creds on someone that needs/wants stuff and doesn't have a great deal of creds. I have access to Keef's wallet and trust me, I can and do use it. *wink* If you really feel an overwhelming need to give me a gift, I do love stickers. Funny ones. ;)

*cheeky grin*

Thanks for stopping by.


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I like to give gifts, but not because you ask for one.

I will not reward the greedy!


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