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Special Someone
~Dis is my best friend MZ.P00H and shes a very sweet and fun person to be around.She's a very sweet, loving,cute,adoreble,funny,cool person, anda princess.So if u mess with her ill kick yo azz.She's a very nice person and she treats people the way that she wants to be treated.She has good taste in clothes as u can tell shes almost looking flier than me^.^Anyway love ya ma and have a wonderful day sis.~
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Avatar since: 2007-03-15
Age: 34
United States - FL
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"~Live life to the fulliest~"

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What colour of wolf are you?

White WolfWow, you are a white wolf! Your element is Light, which is very beautiful and pure. White wolves have a bit of a spirit in them, and can be very powerful and dangerous when they want to, but usually they are mild and very kind to everyone. They have difficulties to hurt someone, even when they really have to or when its needed.White wolves are only seen when they want to be seen and can approach very silent.
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What's In Your Heart Filled With?
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You scored as Your heart is filled with HAPPINESS.

You smile all the time and laugh. But sometimes you don't but a few days or a few hours, you'll be all happy and energetic again. You give everyone around (even though you don't know the person) you give them a warm and heartedly smile.

Your heart is filled with HAPPINESS.


Your heart is filled with LOVE.


Your heart is filled with SADNESS.


Your heart is filled with HATRED.

Who exactly ARE you? (AnImE PiCs)

Lovable Cutie!
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Please click on my favorites if u wanna hear my favorites i have mostly all songs on there but if u see a song that u wanna add to it just add it to my favorites so when u come back to my page it still will be there so u can listen to it x_x
Be nice to my lil pupp x_x
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Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Hello, thnxs for visiting my page i hope that u like it^.^ Let me tell u about myself im really 16 and i messed up on the age and im in highschool. Im a very fun, crazy, adoreable, out going, intelligent, sweet, cute, loveable, pretty, beautiful well u kind of get the idea by now but im a really nice and sweet person. I love all of my friends very dearly and if anybody messes with any of them and i find out ur gonna never wish that u messed with them lol (not playing). Anyway getting to the point im single, straight, and im looking for friendship. Please dont send me any chain that say something like post this 14 times and u get 20,000 credicts thats not true i know becuase when i got on imvu i did it over and over again and i never got any credicts so just for ur fyi they dont work at all. If u keep sending me chains i will have no choice but to block u^.^ Also, when someone calls u a bitch tell them thank you and do u wanna know why? If u do here it is a bitch is a female dog, a female dog barks, bark is from a tree, and tree is a part of nature, and nature is beautiful so thank u for the compliment^.^ If u wanna add me u can i love getting buddy request and i love having messages it just makes my day and it makes me very happy^^ When im online and if u wanna chat with me and im on dnd that means im doing something very important or im in a very important meeting with some of my groups and sometimes i might give u a reason. I hope that u like my music and if u want to u can buy me a gift off of my wishlist or when ur about to send me a message under the word public there is the word gift and click on the arrow thats going down and it will say Laleac's Wishlist and u can choose something from there. I love gifts they make my day even brighter on imvu. By the way the person thats on my special someone is very special to me and i couldnt include everythng i wanted to say on there so im going to finsih it now. If she ever tells me that someone is messing with her i will kick ur azz and im not playing im serious.Shes unquie and special in here own way well thats all i have to say well i love u piglet u r my best friend. I love all of my little stalkers that come to visit my page they are so cute and adoreable^.^Dont forget about Christmas that was when God was born and the most fun thing about Christmas is PRESENTS xD and thats when u decorate ur home with lights and when u build snowmen. My little nieces get mad when the snowman melts after we finish building it and its so funny to me they get mad and then they start to cry and thats when i come in^_^ Dont be shy to come talk to me about something that u are depressed about or when u need some advice or u just need someone to to talk to ill be here just send it to me in a private message im really good at these things and i will always have open arms for you. Also, i mostly get on my hp not online around 2:00 or later just letting u know that but if i dont reply to ur message right away that means that imgone somewhere or im doing somthing very important or babysiting. One last thing is that if u want me to pimp ur page or make it look cute like mine i would be happy to that but there is a cost and u will have to either buy me a gift or give me 350 credicts but of course for friends its free and if u wanna see an example of my work go to StarLightGirl1812's page and see cause she said she wanted her to be all anime and anime angels and a japense song^.^ Well i love yall and thnxs again for visiting my page ~Love Laleac~
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Spoil Me^.^ Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
[8O8] HEART BREAKERZ[LF] IGetMoney Bodysuit[8O8] HIP-HOP-HUNNEEZ[8O8] SEDUKTIVE[8O8] Hood Bratz
[LF] IGetMoney G BootzPinkGirlfriendBootz[LF] IGetMoney Shadezpink leopard boots[8O8] Platinum Models I
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