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Welcome All, Hope You Enjoy Your Visit ;)!!!
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This is my big sis, who I love and admire so much :). She has so much love to give with an open and loving heart :). I love you big sis ;)! XXX
A firey beauty is my lil sister who can't get enough of herself :P. She means the world to me, so if you mess with her you'll have to deal with me ;). I love you lil sis! XXX
This is my lil sis! I love her so much cause she's the sweetest of them all :). She's a tuff one so I know she can handle herself, so don't say I didn't warn you :P. I love you lil sis ;)! XXX
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Ash Tree. It signifies sensitivity, awareness and ambition. You are a free thinker - intuitive, innovative and artistic. You are full of life and friends love you for your trustworthiness. You take relationships seriously. Take risks only after thinking of the consequences beforehand.
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