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"The Power of Suggestion IS a POWER after all."

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I've brought many here before and always they leave me standing. . .


surrounded by the heavy dark,
the restless souls swirling about me,
startled by the screaming as it fades in the distance.

Mortals have been known for their cowardice.

I thought you might be different.
I took your hand and lead you into the darkness, whispered to you,

"Surrender to me. . .
Trust me."

Instead you chose to trust your eyes,
not the words my long-stilled heart whispered in your ear
as you stood there wide-eyed and white-knuckled.

So here I stand again,


and smiling to myself
with crossed arms and two fingers pressed to one temple.
Again the souls swirl about me,
stirred as if a sudden autumn gale had tossed them about like leaves.
Your screams waft through the dark divide,
as compelling as the scent of the freshly spilled blood of the wealthy.

"Hmph. Coward."

My eyes narrow; my smile broadens amusedly.

"Next. . . ?"

I am the Vampire.
Welcome to my world.

Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Other
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love, anime, Art, Movies, music, Vampires, Japanese, piercings, CARS, Cartoons, aries, video games, United States - MS, kissing, submission, college, Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Diablo 2
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