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As spirits roam the neighborhoods at night,
Let loose upon the Earth till it be light...
Meshes and Textures are 100% made by me FXDesigns

Welcome everyone to my "Batty Home".......Enjoy your visit
Please no drama or violators will be bitch slapped

IMVU content creator
Requests: I am currently taking requests for meshes please pm any requests

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n: pretty black eyes[Anry] Spanish Black[Anry] Voletta BLack[Anry] Tasmine Up Arm R[Anry] Tasmine Earrings
[Anry] Tasmane Up Arm L[Anry] Bocca Top[Anry] Bocca Pants! Louise Brunette Gold[MAR] Adriana feather
F| Fiolli v2 Blonde*W* Maryl Sparkle Heels[N] Versace .Pumps[FC]Lace.ShoesIS . Akana .Platforms
*W* April Spring Heelsn: Night black make up2G3. MONROE PIERCINGSUmmer Rose BlushXtreme Lashes!

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