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I don\'t care what you think of my avatar, I look good in real life!

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You and I don't have anything in common if you:

1. Are a vegetarian and don't agree with me that cute animals taste better.
2. Like Emo and have had several failed suicide attempts.
3. Follow BigBrother, American Idol, the Biggest Looser or any other cheesy reality TV show for that matter.
4. Don't love the sound of your own voice;-).
5. Cried watching Titanic. :(
6. Like flowers, pink, pink flowers or pink floral patterns.
7. L!k3 t@lk1n' l!k3 th1$.
8. Wear fluoro to parties and you and your friends go out in matching outfits.(eewww)
9. Enjoy playing crap music in public on the speakers of your mobile phone.
10. Liked Zoolander, laughed your ass off and thought it was one of the best movies you had ever seen.
(seriously you and I don't have anything in common, plus you have a very lousy sense of humour)

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!mb Shannah Head[AS] RUNWAY 2 (M)$ Black Oversized Shades=EB= Spidersilk PigtailEV WeBBed Wench Bangle R
*T* Lady Gaga Hair[AS] ~White[AF]Jessica Rabbit Tan[Poi]Sensual Desire HeadEyes, Blue Gray, F
[BF] Mermaid 46 posesM] Ash Uniphy[bq]Philter -Gloves-[bq]TRUMP -V1 shoes-HyS* HeavyMetal-Nails
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My Room

This is something I have been playing with for a few weeks, trying to create a highly detailed and nicely decorated interior for myself. I like the outcome so much that I have decided to share it with my friends. So come and join me at "White Lust Piano Room" and make sure you wear black and white. XOX. KokeshiDoll


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I love this girl.

She is sooo hot and has such great taste!
I am her biggest fan!
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