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Avatar since: 2007-04-05
Age: 35
United States - OH
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Im one scary Bitch......
Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Chatting
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ohhh checkin me out huh?
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vamp love It would be really awesome to get a gift!xoxo kittie
Sinful Sexy Pump SkyBlue French BraidJojo hair blue darkChristie hair blue darkblack hair blue streak
[Is] Spider Queen Dress[Is] Windy Goddess Blue[Is] Witch Purple Gown 2[Is] Spooky Impulse Suit[Is] Roman Modern White
Luka: Rainbow Ombre[EYLM]SEXY EMO SkirtsRunning Actionsexy black tiny panties[MP]Dark red Tops
[X] Deadly Snake Body{e}Sweep[n77] Sexy Head Deriv.spacerspacer
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