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Furry Lover and Enthusiast


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🐾 K I T C H I G O 🐾

Furry Lover and Enthusiast

Hello and Welcome to my page. Its going to be simple cause I really don't like to talk about myself, but here we go real quick.

I am 28.. A creator for the catty since 2009. I found passion in creating for the imvu Furry community. I have made many friends was introduced to a whole new world. In 2011 I created the group FurryNation . I take great pride in this and cherish it. As of 2018 we have mostly moved to DISCORD but a few shops and other things still remain in the web group. FurryNation has it's own shop where proceed go to games, contests and helping other devs/creators or users.


If you are looking for a custom, please fill out and message me the form below..

  • IMVU Username:
  • Furset Name: (Max 10 characters, alphanumeric English characters only. If not specified the fur will be named after the user who ordered it.)
  • Image References :
  • Gender/Shading Template: Female/Andro/Male (Abs or no Abs)
  • Genital parts color: (female only)
  • Additional Skin notes: (Here you may provide clarifying information about design, hex codes for colors, Tattoos.. etc if needed)
  • Ears:
  • Tail:
  • Hair:
  • Furkini:
  • Extra pieces: (This can be extra fur fluffs, eyes, additional skins using different templates, etc)
Find all your Furry Derivable Ears/ Tails and pretty much everything to build you furry at Furry Derivable .com

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Oh I’m in pieces it’s tearing me up but I know
A heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved
💔quote by Ed Sheeran

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I have so many good friends.! And I Love them All. but lets me feature just a few. In no particular order.

Blade / Hunterwolf - Blade is beyond my best friend. Even though I have never met them in rl, I literally couldn't ask for a better friend. Blade has always supported me.. They have watched me succeed and fail and still love me. Blade has been around since the beginning of my imvu journey and I hope will be around long after it ends (if it ends). Love you Blade. Thank you For Letting me be me and Loving me for it.

Itako - Itako is the gift of friendship that just keeps on giving. She is probably one of the sweetest people I have to know [as long as you don't get on her bad side]. She has a big heart and is always so welcoming [at least to me]

Poppi - Poppi is my daughter here on imvu. She has been my friend for Years and Years now. She has been great inspiration to me and often a GREAT helping hand when needed. I couldn't imagine my imvu world without her.!

PrimalVoid - Mister.. Oh Mister.. What can I say, when I need a kick in the butt he is there to give it to me. [haha] He is supportive, and friendly (to me.. he may eat you alive). He is a great guy, taught me lessons and has helped guide me pretty much since we've met.

Tibix - Momma Shark! This girl is hella sweet, talented and probably has become one of my closest friends here. She has a big heart. I haven't known her all that long but I don't think I could ever forget her.

Lycus He's a big ole' Meanie head but I still like him. We have a lot of fun together, mostly at my expense (he likes to pick on me). He is great company and I am very happy he stumbled into my room and I actually decided to talk that day haha.

Trashvibe Last but not least.. Certainly Not least. I love this guy, he is a great friend, Idc what anyone says I will sticking by him. He's Sweet and goofy(sometimes) and sometimes temperamental but all and all he really is nice person if given a chance to get to know him. Just don't make him upset.. cause he doesn't tolerate that

I have more friends then this.. Many more.. But to add them all would take days and days.. Im sorry if I hurt anyones feelings by forgetting them.. It was not intentional. I tried to include people I interact with almost daily, but you can always nudge me and ask to be added :D
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