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Assortment of Things : My Public Room Checkmate is officially Open to the public feel free to visit in the evenings on weekdays and anytime on weekends those are the active times. Mods in there are xSnowLotusx, StellaKrow, and Torvax. Respect my mods and you wont be kicked from my room.
My Support Stickers are officially out and available to the public in amounts of 5k, 15k, and 20k for those who want a sticker along with their purchase or cant direct send credits.

Soulcalibur V: Totally forgot to preorder it and it came out today T.T gotta wait till feb 9th when i go to Union Square.
{Random Event}
Suit Fur Set: Will go on official Sale on Friday or Saturday..
Glitter Hair: Glitter hair is now available in my Catalog and through custom orders..
Valentines Day: My Anti Valen Furset will be a Limited Edition fur only available during the month of February so buy while you can.

Be kind to others yet Kinder to yourself. - T.M.Revolution
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