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"Build em up, break em down..."

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I'm always HAPPYand I love to smile. I think HUGS are a must! I LOVE hot chocolate. I'm kinda clumsy. My favorite kind of KISSES are the ones that tickle. I'm probably too STUBBORN and I love to argue. I can make believe from here to tomorrow and I have fabulous dreams but can't lie worth a tinker. I LOVE surprises. I'm sure I swear more than I should. I'm never on time unless I really wanna be, but I'm impatient and I hate waiting. I've been with my HUSBAND for 13 years and I love him with all of my ♥heart! I guess I'm impulsive. I act first, ask questions or have doubts later. I LOVE to laugh. I'm TERRIBLE at returning phone calls. I LOVE to hold hands. When I'm with certain people we act kinda CRAZY, are we really that LOUD?
Something else you just wanna know?....ask me XOXO
Relationship Status: Married
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. eyelinerDaddy's RLL Blackɳ Black Lace Fit RLL♥ SEXY BABE! RLL⚓Queens BLike Fit/RL
RLL! Ripped White.Daphne (scooby doo)D. V. H.Breaker Kicks!Sweater CropBows RLS
[ACS] ROCKING HORSE-ANIMspacerspacerspacerspacer
My Interests
* thunderstorms * beaches * tanning * shopping * tattoos * drawing * painting * art in general * anything PINK * lip gloss * mini skirts * bubbles * scary movies * roses * road trips * shoes * hold em * candles * blankets * fish tanks * purses * gummi bears * bubble baths * sleeping * the color RED * kisses * bongs * my sunglasses * strawberry daiquiris * BIG earrings * pictures * knee highs * bubble gum* glitter * snow * my nails * cute hats * good books * lots of love and lots of laughs...
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