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"Hi there!"

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J is for Juicy
E is for Entertaining
N is for Nervy
N is for Nutty
I is for Insane
F is for Flawless
E is for Easy
R is for Remarkable

Hello. Welcome to my page, and thank you for visiting. I appreciate the interest you have in visiting me.

However, I have noticed that when some of you visit me that you like to add me to your list of buddies. In a lot of cases, you've added me when you've briefly seem me in Chat Now! or we might of spoken for a very short period. It is thoughtful and kind of you to do so, but please do not do so unless I've asked to do so with you in in return. I like to add people to my list, but only after I've had a nice, stimulating conversation with them and would eventually like to do so again. Thank you for being th considerate person that you are.

You may also notice that I may erase some of my messages I get from time to time. I try to keep my page simple and neat. I want people to visit and believe that you get more benefit from a web page that has little or no widgets, and to keep only the most recent messages (of only a month or so). I also don't like to keep messages that seem lewd or crude and delete those quickly. It is not a slight on anyone's messages, just an effort to maximize your visit to my web pages.

Thank you for gifts for your gifts that you send me. I do try to repay in return. However, if you send me stickers, in all likelihood I may not use them. Main reason is again to keep my page as simple and neat as possible. Please don't seem that I am being rude or snobbish, it's just me trying to keep a little order im my part of the universe.

Again, thank you for visiting and reading this message. I hope to speak with you in the near future if I have a chance. I hope that I will have a little more time to tell you more about myself in soon.



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