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Avatar since: 2006-08-19
Age: 30
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"Assimilate. Creeporate."

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Why don't you ask me what it feels like to be a Freak!

Warning. Some of the music played may be considered freakish, Evil and plain out horrific, please make sure no children are near you when you go any further, because we don’t like children getting mentally Screwed.
I'm trying to get 10 of each gem, you could help me! Buying one of the gemstones for only 5 Credits over the retail price of 150c can help me on my goal. The person who buys the tenth of each gem, will win a gift of there choice that is above 3,500 Credits!
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My Room
This is my room, not much yet. But I't will grow and become the biggest room ever, filled with stadiums and Papa New-Ginue. Wan't to help me on my room quest? Why don't you gift me somthing?
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These people are all really cool, you know why? Because they came and if im lucky they may have left a message! But if you don't leave a message you will unfortunatly get prostate cancer. I'm not kidding. Seriously! You're ignoring this threat but I assure you prostate cancer is freak'n PAINFUL!
Cool New People
These people are not cool at all! I'm the coolest of all these noobs! Nah these people could be cool. I don't know but as an act of kindness, go help a newbie because friendship is the greatest gift of all.
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These are the new products that i have brought out, most are beautiful peices of work, but then some are just half-arsed peices of crap. "Joke'n" Most of these are made in photoshop/Paintshop Pro. If you haven't got these, and you're using a stinge program like Gimp, i suggest you get a better program. Adobe make great programs and they are a great choice to go with.
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Thanks’ for dropping in, please leave a message or even a gift; I’ve always repaid the favour.
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As of a long time ago this bar got screwed. I’ve given over 200 Gifts. I wish it would start working because even freaks need clarity if they’re good, or not.
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Yeah this is a touchy area because the stuff I want is usually expensive, and I just end up buying for myself. But if you do manage to get me anything. I will repay you, I’m not a greedy bastard.
He who live in Bamboo house, Should not throw Panda
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