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United Kingdom
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"Im so bad the devil worships ME!"

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"No good without evil. No love without hate. No innocence without lust...I am Jadrien...I am Darkness."

"And if i wish,i am strong enough to rip your world from you..."

"If i wish i could drag you into the deepest,darkest,perverted recesses of my mind where i would torture and humiliate you..."

"And when i wish would beg for more..."

"If i wish there would be a battle of wits which would truly be the last...for no blade of grass would stir on that unbreathing world you call your imagination..."

"If i wish....i could still the beating of the heart in your breast....and the breath in your body....meerly by wishing it..."


((i dont like beggars...i give when i feel generouse and i receive gifts with grace...i dont like want to be dominated thats want to worship me...thats fine too...but that means nothing sexual or binding...if i think of you as a slave...thats all you are...and i like to keep the net on the RL yes im a real girl...and thats all you need to know about dont ask for my adress or email or anything because you wont get it))

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My Developing extends to things for myself...Gifts for people i Cherish...or requests...

Although sometimes ill fiddle when im bored and come up with something thats actually half decent and end up submitting it...

Though considering i now have a motly assortment of my own hair textures...if you would like a hairstyle of your choice done in one of my retextures you need only to ask...dont be shy...i dont bite...hard...
tracy-voodoo (J)tracy-velvet (J)tracy-utopia (J)tracy-treasure (J)tracy-tobacco (J)tracy-toast (J)
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In here will be Banners and links to my friends products on IMVU....

Vampire Boise's Projected Darkness

Meadowfoam Designs
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Welcome to my domane...*grin*...
My Friends (18)
People who loath me or love me...*shrug*...sometimes both...

For the never on DND unless i honestly cant help it for some reason...for example : im already in a large conversation or a game of truth or dare...however,I am on the "Buddies Only" option a lot...So if your not on my buddy list...chances of actually talking to me is slim unless you request to be placed on my buddy list...which i usually dont do unless you have left a message for me...beg nicely...and i may just...depends on my mood...
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