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Avatar since: 2006-01-20
United States - AA
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"Hi, I'm Not Mike!... Been Gone For A While... Thinking Of Coming Back?!?"

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Relationship Status: Single
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I wanted to bring my fashion sense to my Avi... I mostly Use the Hippy Flares Mesh but if you have a request...I will do what I can...I Love developing so keep on the lookout for more fashions by Mii!

*Cherrie Dance**Grape Dance**Raspberri Dance**Lime Dance**Teal Dance**BluBerriDance*
My Wish List
*This is more of a shopping list, but if you wanna Spoil Me Rotten! Feel Free ^.^ .. as if i wasn't rotten alreadi loll *
~A: Intense SlimS/Tyara*Black Sexy Top*Season I Beige Jacket!D! Into You Blouse!$ Not For Everyone
$ Sexy Legging RLL$ Sexy Legging RL$ Dark RL$ Kylie Nails$ Sexy Legging RLL
$ Simple Nails$ Jeans RLL♥  Classic Waist J/RLL$ Sexy Legging RLL$ Daddy Nails
$ Evz Nails$ Evz Nails$ Jeans RL♥ Crop top HOLO♥ Crop top
My Videos
*Miii Piccies*
*I lUrvE maKiNg avI ARt...sO i THougHt I WOulD maKe A PaNEl TO shOwCAse SOmE oF It*
*Sexi Mii*
*Taste Mii RayneBow*
*Dayum Im Glam*

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