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Avatar since: 2006-01-29
Age: 32
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"Ranman Koi Shiyo"

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please don't add me randomly
at least leave me a message or something to let me know XD

pssst. . . if you see anyone who stole with my avi picture, please let me know. thanks! :D

I will probably start selling layouts i make. Which are like ameatur like. Soo they will be cheap. And I will start making/selling avi pictures, mp3 thingies, and blah.. also there will be no refund! just to clearify that. Below will the prices for Layouts, Avatar Pictures, MP3 Player things, and all that good stuff. [[ Unless I told you i would make you one for free. ]]

++Layouts- [ average kind of layout ] 970 credits
Detailed [ that might takes me days or lots and lots of hours until i can't sleep ] 1,700 credits. i think i change my mind about layouts [[970-3,700]] bwuahahahha

++Avatar Picture- 400-770 credits [ i quess it just depends on what kind of avi picture you wan't ]

++MP3 Player Thingie- 1,000-2,000 credits.

++Scrollbar Colors- 30 credits.

++Also I am making dolls. If you would like to request one, they would be 1,000 credits!

and oh i almost forgot, i also draw and color pictures
but it's alittle expenisive, since drawing and coloring takes alot of time and etc.
price's 1500-7500 (yeah i know 7,500 is soo ridiculous; its just that some pictrues make me very frustrated) [[plus it depends on the size and etc.]]

Thanks! All you have to do is contact me! :]


If i (Hentaifan7) offer anything to you, then mostly you can guarentee its free.
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thanks for the visit! ^__________^ its like lOV3 on wheeels!
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I SUPPAORT Developers! Even on tah panel below. 3;
[[in noo order whatsooever]]
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Hey SAPINNNEENSS!! I added an MP3 thingie. So ENJOY!! ^____^ wEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeZzZzzzz

If my mp3 player does play within 2 or 3 minutes give it some time to load. Sorry about that. xD But if it doesn't load within hours and HOURS, first click it or skip songs and then go back to it, and if that doesn't work.. . let me know. Because soo far it works for me. :'D
for now this is a one song mp3 thing. because i doubt you will listen to ALL of my songs XD;

heehe..^^( my big sis ^^ )
the most awesomest bestest most wonderful twin sis with the number 22(hehehe)
my shinobi-cutiie :3
biggest gazette fan, biiiatchiees :O
o.m.f.d.t.f.h.g. click it :'D IMVU Products By Koze DominicSava Catalog
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how you like me now :D
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